Terms of exchange

Any exchange direction

1. Exchange operations to the third parties are not allowed but depending on the situation (especially in 2024 year) and the direction of the exchange we may be able to help. Please describe everything in the note fieldб we will review it.

2. After making an order, the status will be "CHECKING" until it’s processed by the manager (if it’s necessary the specialist can ask some extra information to continue the exchange).

3. We often ask additional information about the sender or the recipient of funds, for more detailed review and analysis of orders from new clients.

4. If you make an order, it does not guarantee that it will be completed. It’s just a request for the possibility to exchange money so it’s not an obligation for us to take any actions. If we have any doubts, including subjective ones, we have the right to cancel order.

5. The exchange of money over our funds reserve is possible if it was agreed with us. When making an order, please write about needed amount in the note.

6. Additional services, especially refund (if it’s possible ask us in advance is it possible, do not send refund without our permission because it can lead to loss of money), its cancellation, accepting payment in the wrong inconsistent currency, amount or payment type, etc. are paid at a rate of 10% from the payment sum, but not less than 10 USD.

7. You should indicate the note named by us in the field "Notes", "Comments" or etc. on the website of payment system when making the transaction. In the case of a wrong note which differs from the note named by us radically, we make a refund to the sender and also deduct the penalty of 10% from the payment sum, but not less than 10 USD.

8. Do not make any payments until the specialist answer with the requisites. The same situation when you change the amount or the currency in the request.

9. Payment details are usually valid for about 24 hours. After payment, you must notify us of this by replying to the exchange request. In case of loss of the relevance of the details, we inform about this in the exchange request, payment for canceled exchange requests is prohibited in order to avoid loss of funds. We check all payments from PayPal, Skrill, QiWi, ЮMoney and cards manually. The exchange request is considered unpaid if you have not notified us of the payment.

10. Rates between currencies (for example USD/RUB) in unpaid orders change if they actually deviate by more than 2.5% in any direction (the rate is fixed after payment).

11. If it's necessary, including at your own discretion, we can both accept and send funds in parts using multiple accounts.

12. We do not send the small payments for testing or activating accounts. To check if your account accepts payments (if necessary), write to the technical support of the payment system.


1. We do not top up accounts:
- registered to citizens of countries that cannot accept funds from other users according to the internal policy of PayPal (for example, Russia, Belarus)
- unverified (account status - not verified)

2. From 1 June 2020 the accounts that meet any of the criteria listed on the page https://www.paypal.com/us/brc/article/funds-availability, the payment system hold money for 21 days.
The instructions how it's possible to try to remove or reduce the hold see here.
Under your responsibility, we can top up the above accounts that do not have the "Trusted Seller" status, however, we do not give any guarantees about early withdrawal of the hold or about its reduction, all at your own risk and time.

3. Usually funds are sent by us as "digital items/services/goods". By agreement or at our decision, we can send money as "personal".

4. Exchange term for PayPal payments from countries with disabled personal payments (for example and especially, Kazakhstan) can be reasonably little bit extended by our decision.

5. The country in your profile on our website must be the same as the country you specified when registering your PayPal account. If they are different, we can cancel the exchange.


Before making the request, please learn about new restrictions for anonymous users: https://yoomoney.ru/doc.xml?id=526543.


1. The exchange is not available for the users from Bangladesh or India (according to Skrill rules, the users from these countries can only make transfers inside the country).

2. Due to the low liquidity the exchange from/to Skrill may be with an additional delay of 1-3 days, but we always try to make it faster.

3. We do not accept the payments if your balance was added from the MasterCard card (due to additional restrictions on the use of such funds from the payment system).

4. We do not divide money on gambling/non-gambling/forex etc. Therefore, if you need funds for exactly on gambling/non-gambling/forex etc., then, unfortunately, we cannot give any guarantees. Exchange can be made, but at your own risk.

5. In 2022-2024, there are problems with transfers from/to accounts from the Russian Federation and Belarus, since not all accounts can be credited or received money if there are accounts from these countries in the bundles, which may slightly increase the exchange time.

PayPal -> Skrill, ЮMoney, QiWi
Skrill -> PayPal, ЮMoney, QiWi

1. PayPal (Skrill) account must have the status "verified". If the account has not been verified, please indicate this moment in the notes to the exchange request and we will provide you with informational support to verify your account (inform in the exchange request that you need advice).

2. If you are a new client, the payment will be delayed for security purposes APPROXIMATELY:

2.1. From PayPal a) in 1-2 days at the amounts to 100 USD,
b) in 3-4 days at the amounts to 350 USD,
c) in 5-6 days at the amounts to 650 USD,
d) in 7-8 days at the amounts to 1000 USD,
e) in 9-13 days at the amounts to 2500 USD,
f) in 14-30 days at the amounts to 5000 USD,
h) in 31 and more days at the amounts from 5000 USD.

2.2. From Skrill a) in 1-2 days at the amounts to 250 USD,
b) in 3-4 days at the amounts to 500 USD,
c) in 5-8 days at the amounts to 1000 USD,
d) in 9-13 days at the amounts to 3000 USD,
d) in 14-30 days at the amounts to 5000 USD,
d) in 31 days at the amounts from 10000 USD.

In the long-term cooperation (in our subjective opinion), the hold time may be reduced (for example, until 12 hours).

3. We inform about the accurate period of making exchange after reviewing the client`s order. Put request here.

4. In exceptional cases if we have reasonable grounds for the security of exchange, on request we can consider the possibility of the exchange without delay or may be in maximally expeditious manner.

Commission of payment systems

When making an order take into consideration the following commission fees of payment systems:
PayPal: usually 3.9% + 0.30 USD from a recipient when pay as for services or 2-5 USD if pay as personal. The percentage can vary depending on the type of your account. More info.
Skrill: usually 1.45% from a sender. The percentage can vary up to 4.49% depending on the type and registration date of your account.
ЮMoney: 0.5% from a sender.

When sending your payment you pay a sender`s commission and the commission of the recipient is for us.
When we send a payment, we pay a sender`s commission and the commission of the recipient is for you.

Time limits and information on the processing requests

All requests are processed manually in order of priority (latest first). Response time: 0-48 hours (we try faster, but the guaranteed period is 48 hours from the moment of the client`s last action (answer or payment) in the request).
In rare cases, also due to the human factor, we may slightly delay the answer, we are all people, but we try to add the bonus if such a situation is.
The reason that the guaranteed period is 48 hours is also that certain directions and/or statuses of requests are processed by specific employees, including batch processing for time optimization.
Please keep in mind that if the payment date is set in the request, then the client’s response to it will slightly postpone the payment, as the response indicates the need for additional verification of the request (the essence of the answer from the client) before the payment.
If you add the personal options to the request (sending funds only as a personal payment, payment via the link, etc.), the standard hold time, indicated in our messages, can be increased (usually insignificant and usually in rare cases this, but it happens sometimes).

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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