Frequently Asked Questions
General questions

How to register at your site?
After the first order an account will be automatically registered on your e-mail. The information will be sent by e-mail instantly.
The subsequent orders will be fixed for e-mail specified in the form.

Why do you have such a rather big commission?
We pay a special attention to safety issues, improvements of service quality and the development of business. A dumping is not acceptable. Also it is worth mentioning that when we receive PayPal funds, the payment system takes away about 4% commission.

Is it possible to cut commission in a long-term cooperation?
Yes. First of all, depending on all exchange amounts to our commission is applied the following discount:

Amount %
50 USD 1
100 USD 2
250 USD 3
500 USD 4
1000 USD 5
2500 USD 6
5000 USD 7
10000 USD 8
25000 USD 9
50000 USD 10
100000 USD 11

And secondly, our system allows to set for a concrete account the personal commissions on certain types of an exchange (on order and in a long-term cooperation).

Do you work with the other payment systems, which are not listed on your website?

Can I make an exchange via Telegram/Skype (without exchange request at your website)?
No. All exchange orders should be created through special form at out website. A significant correspondence on submitted orders is made only through the website. Exchanges without orders via Telegram/Skype are not performed in any circumstances. If someone on our behalf offers to exchange money out of the our website (without making the order and without conversation on submitted order on the website), please pay attention – they are scammers.

Information on the scams, trying to act on our behalf

When you add our consultants to Skype, please check carefully the login (you can see it when clicked the photo of the account you add). Do not confuse the login with name/nickname. The login of Skype is unique.
Scammers create a Skype login similar to ours - add to the login the signs, such as dot, comma etc.; indicate our Skype login in their name/nickname. And if you are not careful, you can become a victim of scammers. See example.

UPD Feb. 2023. Information on the example of a real situation. Fraudsters skillfully use the so-called social engineering, ingratiating themselves with the victim and convincing him that the victim is communicating with a service representative. So
1. From a fraudulent account, they are asked to add our official bot to receive notifications and advice for the client on how to add it correctly.
2. They write to the victim that after payment (according to the real details from the site, issued by us), they need to respond to the application.
3. After the client’s response to the application on the site (and the client also notifies the scammers that he answered), the scammers say that the application has been accepted for work and payment will soon be made (and we really try to make payments faster)
4. And after we have successfully completed the exchange, the scammers ask the client to leave a review.
Performing all the steps above, the client gets the false impression that in the telegram he communicated with a representative of our service.
And the climax after all the actions is higher: the scammers ask the client to submit a new application not on the site, but via telegram, arguing that it will be faster and cheaper. Well, when a client tries to make an exchange through the telegrams of scammers and receives details from them and pays for them, the scammers simply delete the correspondence and hide with the money.
Bingo... Scammers' schemes are becoming more complicated, including with the help of social engineering.
For this reason, as it is written on our website, we ALWAYS ALWAYS give out all exchanges only through the website and DETAILS for payment ONLY ON THE SITE, no telegrams or Skype! ONLY ONLY ON THE SITE.

Any direction of exchange

Can you exchange the "black money" under a big commission?
No. Moreover, all orders pass careful manual processing and if any doubts occur to us, the order will be cancelled or the additional information will be requested.

I need to send (accept) payment in other currency (GBP, AUD etc.). How can I do this, because there are only USD and EUR at your website.
So, you should make an exchange order in USD, and specify the currency you need and amount in the comments. We calculate all things and give you an answer. Approximately, the courses will differ from those which are installed on the day of filling your exchange order on 5-8%.

A friend asked me to exchange money for him. Is it safe?
It is extremely dangerous! You risk being involved in a fraudulent scheme, possibly linked to an attempt of "laundering" or stolen, etc. funds that will cause bad consequences in accordance with law. Please make exchanges of funds that you have received in legal way independently.

The request was made, but SMS for verification was not received. When tried to receive the code again, the same situation was. How can I complete the verification?
Inform us about this problem in the request and we will send you the code manually.

-> PayPal

The Paypal payment is on hold from you for 21 days, why and what should I do?
Your account can fall under any of the criteria described on the page (for exact information, contact the technical support of the payment system).
The instructions hot to try to remove the hold or reduce it to 3 or 7 days:
1. Go to the payment details on the PayPal website.
2. Click on the link "Add tracking info".
3. In the column "Order status" choose "Shipped".
4. In the column "Tracking number" specify "12345".
5. In the column "Shipped by" choose "Other".
6. In the column "Enter carrier name" enter "abc".
7. Save the entered information.
8. Please inform us in the request that you have added "tracking info" to the payment.
After that the link to confirming the payment will appear in our Paypal interface within 48 hours, we will click on it and notify you about it.
Please keep in mind that the method does not always work and we do not give any guarantees.

Can I open an account with the "left" data from other country, after that will fill out it through your service?
It's much better not to do it. In 99% of cases you will lose money (they will be locked by PayPal).

Is it possible to make Ebay payments?

Can you pay an invoices on sites?
We can pay an invoices on sites in extremely rare cases, and only after we have checked the reasons for impossibility of reception of money to your own account. Indicate "payment_for@YOUR-SITE.COM" in the field "recipient" at the order on our site, and add the detailed instructions on payment to the note, for example, URL and authorization data on the site, information about the further steps after the authorization etc. A key phrase "No_X19" also should present in the note.

PayPal ->   and   Skrill ->

I need to exchange 1000 USD quickly.
For new clients we do not make urgent exchanges of directions "PayPal -> " and "Skrill -> ", see our terms, but for constant clients we provide minimal exchange terms.

Can I sell items on e-bay auction and get payments for them to your account?
We recommend that you find someone from your friends in the country where Paypal is allowed, then register a Paypal account and receive payments from the e-bay auction etc. Then using our service, you can withdraw funds from friend`s account to your personal account. We can accept money to our personal Paypal account only when large revs.

Can I accept through you PayPal (Skrill) payments for my goods/services?
You can receive PayPal (Skrill) payments for your goods/services through us in extremely rare cases, and only after we have checked the reasons for impossibility of reception of money to your own account. You should learn e-mail of PayPal (Skrill) account from the sender, then make a order on our website. The responsibility for integrity of the sender of PayPal (Skrill) funds lies solely on you, we recommend checking your clients who wish to make payments through PayPal (Skrill) carefully.

Can I withdraw money from the sponsor site (,, etc.) through you?
You can withdraw money from the sponsor site (,, etc.) through us in extremely rare cases, and only after we have checked the reasons for impossibility of reception of money to your own account. You should make an exchange order. Specify the URL of sponsor site in the field "sender"(paypal@sponsors_site_address etc.). After checking the order we will give you e-mail of our PayPal (Skrill) account that you should specify in the form of payment on the sponsor site.

I can not find the answer to my question on the website

Have you already learned the terms of exchange and the answers to frequently asked questions, but you still do not understand something? – Please feel free to contact one of our consultants, and we will help you!
Or may be are you ready already to make the exchange? – Make the order and we start considering it as soon as possible.

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