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Exchange orders and conversation on them are made only on our website from the special panel of our own development.

Exchanges without orders via the website are not performed in any circumstances. If someone on our behalf offers to exchange money out of the our website (without making the order and without conversation on submitted order on the website), please pay attention – they are scammers.

You should give special attention to our terms and requirements.

You may also want to check out F.A.Q.

At the forum (rus) you can do the following things: to put the general questions, to discuss service work, to get into communication with the other visitors of our resource.

You can find our contact data at the foot of the page.
Telegram, Skype (not a priority), e-mail (not a priority), phone, Instagram (not a priority) and others are used only as alternative ways of communication.
The response time is not guaranteed, but we try to help as soon as possible.

Do not be shy to turn for any questions.

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Exchange term: 0-48 hrs.
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Before contact us, please read the exchange terms and frequently asked questions.
We NEVER send the requisites via Telegram/Skype, beware of scams!
Telegram: click on the link, Skype: only for VIP clients
E-Mail: , phone: only for VIP clients