An affiliate program

Partners receive 50% (at a minimum, it is $2.50 from one performed exchange order) from our net profit from the first seven exchanges for every attracted client, i.e. if the client makes the exchange 7 times, then partner will get a minimum sum of $17.50.

Formula: ([sum from] - [sum to] - [commission #1] - [commission #2]) * 50% = bonus of partner.
[sum from] – the sum that our client gives;
[sum to] – the sum that our client receives;
[commission #1] – the commission that will be taken from us by payment system (eg. PayPal) while receiving money;
[commission #2] – the commission that will be taken from us by payment system while sending money.

A partner is provided the panel to monitor the hits of his affiliate link and also for viewing his own earnings.

Register as a partner

Course export for site-monitors of electronic currency exchange

For the greatest compatibility with the software of exchange monitors we export exchange rates in three formats:
1. TXT: (or
2. XML: (or
3. And one more TXT: (or

If your monitor uses a different format for obtaining data, please, contact us and we will modify our software for you as ssoon as possible.

Used software

The program for accounting and processing of exchange orders that is used on the site since 2007, is our own unique and meticulous development. We are constantly improving and updating our creation.
If you are the owner of the exchange office, and you wish to buy the rights to use this software, read the appropriate information on the site (russian language).

The demo version is available for viewing on the URL (russian language).

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